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    Yowah Nut Opals

    Yowah, Queensland Australia

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  2. mentalalchemy:

    "This is a microscopic photo of a butterfly egg. Most butterflies deposit a cluster of tiny eggs, sometimes hundreds of them, on the underside of a leaf, fastening them there with a glue-like substance. The leaves provide protection—and later, food—for the young caterpillars. Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg reveals spectacular natural beauty imperceptible to the human eye."


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  5. Word.

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  6. archiemcphee:

    Here’s an awkward family photo for the ages, courtesy of Carollyne Yardley, our favorite Squirrealist painter (previously featured here).

    This fall Carollyne is starting an awesome new project called “The Anonymous Family Portrait.” She’ll be offering family portrait photo sessions using our using our Squirrel Masks.

    It started with a conversation with my dad.

    Dad: I don’t want you putting our photographs on the web
    Me: Ok, Roger that.

    "No more worries about posting all your personal photos for the world to see with the Anonymous Family Portrait." Instead turn your family into a unique work of Squirrealism. We love it.

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  7. You think it’s a joke but this is the future.

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  10. This new air freshener might just work out. Good-bye Glade.

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